Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What I Am Ordering From The Nordstrom Sale

The wait is over. I can finally shop the sale! Since I work at Nordstrom, even though I have a card I have to wait until the first day of public sale to shop (At 2pm).

I mainly like to get shoes, clothes, accessories, and a good beauty deal. I always eye handbags and eyewear but never seem to purchase during the sale. I will be ordering and then updating with a new post of what worked and what didn't.

This is the Kyle By Steve Madden Boot. I am ordering these boots because I tried the Blondo and the Franco Sarto booties but I did not like the toe shape. Hopefully the toe shape on this is more almond than pointy. This will be a great boot for campus and everyday life in the fall. The price of this boot was 86.90 from 129.95.

This boot is Gabbie by Steve Madden. It's a great over the knee boot and I think it will be dressy enough for everyday and can even work for a more professional look. Such a versatile boot that looks pricey but it's only 86.90 from 129.95.
Sunday, July 23, 2017

Things To Do On Sunday For a Smooth, Stress-Free Week

Hi everyone!

Sunday is easily my favorite day  of the week. I love Sundays because I start my day with Church and  I end it with relaxation. Sunday is always my day to get prepared for the up and coming week, so that it can be as enjoyable and stress free as possible. This post will highlight my favorite things to do on a Sunday Night.

1. Clean my room - This one should be obvious, but it's not. My room usually stays clean through the week but once it hits the weekend,  it turns into a huge mess. Sunday is my organization day. I make sure I have cleaned, swept, put everything in the laundry and tidy my room so that I can find everything when I need it. Adding fresh flowers always gives it a nice, fresh feeling as well.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tips From A Face Mask Junkie

Hey everyone! It has been such a busy week for me that I almost forgot to post this little mini-review. I have been wanting to do this post ever since I started a blog. If you have not picked up on this by now, I LOVE face masks. I love putting them on, I love taking them off, I love how my skin feels after, the whole deal. I also always love trying new things. I do a mask about once a week, to clean out my pore and detox-- but most importantly relax. I love putting on a face mask and relaxing with a cup of tea during the week.

I think in reality I have tried like 30+ masks. I just love them. I am more into creamy masks than sheet masks. I currently have about 5 that I am using and will share my honest opinion about all of them.